When travelling, customers want to have a seamless journey. From booking a flight, checking in, arranging an accomodation to renting a car. Based on verified identity credentials, transactions should run smoothly. At the same time, identity fraud is an important risk in almost any step of the journey. Pre-travel checks require correct traveller data to ensure smooth processes. Safety is of utmost importance in international travel. A dilemma that can only be solved with trusted identity verification.

With ReadID it is easy to verify customer identies, either when booking before travelling or face to face when registering or picking up your rented car. Almost instantly, passport data is read and verified, and becomes available in the system. No fraud possibly, no mistakes either. If needed this can be combined with holder verification through a selfie.

  • we support electronic identity documents worldwide
  • works on any modern smartphone, Android and iOS
  • unrivalled customer experience
  • no contact, no touch, clean
  • trusted by governments, banks and identity provider

Using electronic document verification allows for the highest level of certainty. We verify identity documents faster, better and more reliably than any solution based on taking a document photo or doing manual verification. If the chip inside identity documents is copied or tampered with, it will be detected. The chip contains a high resolution photo that allows for better face matching. The information on the chip is digitally signed by the issuing country. Core ingredients of any secure solution. Users do not need to be trained to verify authenticity and ReadID can even be used remotely, e.g., for online consumer onboarding. 

ReadID can verify passports from over 92 countries including all EU countries.

Applying for ETAs or eVisa can be cumbersom and time consuming. With ReadID trusted identity verification, governments can allow travellers and immigrants to apply for them from home, at the highest levels of trust. This eliminates visits to an embassy or consulate, saving money for the government and time for the traveller. In combination with automated assessments governments can approve or reject travel authorisations long before the trip will start.

In the UK Home Office EU Settlement scheme we created the world’s most successful remote identity verification immigration programme in collaboration with our partner WorldReach Software, with more than 4 million successfull applications.

Couch surfing has grown from a niche for students to mainstream accommodation. This growth has led to increasing fraud, both at the end of the listings on the platforms as well as in tourists renting appartments. Fake sites have turned great prospect into dreadfull experiences. Remote identity verification of owners and users can prevent this. The cost for including identity verification do not compare to value of the experience and the trust created. 

ReadID is easy to integrate in any process. Using ReadID Ready allows integration without coding and can be used at low volumes and within days. Integrating ReadID in you app through our SDK allows for tailor-made customer journeys if preferred. 

ReadID is easy to use. In our UK Home Office application, 79% of all users indicated that proving their identity through the app was "very easy" or "fairly easy". This holds for users of any age or background. Easy of use creates trust and conversion. 

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Dutch police uses ReadID in their smart phones to prevent identity theft on the road.

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How ReadID empowers the world’s most successful remote identity verification immigration programme

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