Fast, secure and scalable identity verification on the street is needed to ensure a safe society. Using ReadID they are able to perform a quality control to check whether an identity document is real and whether it belongs to the correct owner. Anytime, anywhere, without expensive dedicated equipment.

In seconds officers will know if the rightful owner of the document is in front of them. At the same time using NFC and reading the machine readable zone gives them swift data input without any mistakes. The high-resolution face image in the chip allows for much better detection of lookalike fraud. ReadID thus empowers officers with Idenitity document verification, fast and correct data, and identity fraud prevention.

ReadID NFC-based remote identity verification offers the highest levels of security and quality needed. No expensive equipment is required and it is always accessible. By reading the information with a trusted mobile device from the documents NFC-chip, it is possible to compare the high-resolution passport photo of the document with the person who currently owns it. In addition, the authenticity of the document and extra checks are executed to detect identity theft. 

ReadID can be used client-only on trusted devices; in that case, no connectivity is needed. Ideal for mobile identity verification, for example for the Police, in Border control or at events. ReadID is also available on non-trusted devices using our ReadID SaaS product or as a whitelabel app

Customer case: Dutch Police

Dutch police uses ReadID in their smart phones to prevent identity theft.

ReadID Client Only

Read the product details for Client Only. In the client-only version, ReadID runs on the smartphone only, without a server.