Verifying the identity of your future employees is an important step in onboarding new people. This sounds more easy than it is in practice. Is your HR department capable of checking identity documents? From your own region, maybe; from countries far away, probably not. Still, you have to keep record that you checked the identity and at the same time you must comply with privacy legislation. On top of that, COVID-19 has restricted  contact substantially, so how do you verify identities remotely?

ReadID allows to verify identities remotely as well as face-to-face, realtime, secure, and user-friendly, and is straightforward to integrate in your company.

Many employment agencies and HR departments rely on verification of copies of identity documents or video verification. They think they have to, as meeting people at the office is not advised now. However, copies of identity documents are simple to manipulate and video verification is both intrusive to the employee as well as expensive.

Only 65% of companies perform an identity check, where 100% is needed

[2020 Employment Screening Benchmark]

ReadID uses NFC based identity verification. We leverage what every employee has: a smartphone and a passport or identity card. Nearly all passports and most identity documents are chipped. They have a chip inside that contains all the necessary information in a way that is impossible to tamper with and can be checked within seconds. This includes a high resolution image of the person, free of watermark or security markings. ReadID reads and verifies that chip. 100% secure, 100% easy. 

From the identity verification process, ReadID can compile an evidence package to be used in the HR files. Employment agencies can use this to prove the identity when proposing candidates to temporary contracts. The evidence package is GDPR compliant. No risk of mistakes at the HR department that can have severe consequences. 

In the office, ReadID can be used to verify identity documents in the presence of the employee. No need to understand the intricacies of foreign documents, the app checks and records the evidence that is was checked. Realtime, easy. You can check the highres image from the chip with your future employee in the office.

When onboarding remotely, use ReadID Ready to verify the identity. You can send the employee a mail or letter with a QR code and use our whitelabel app to verify his or her identity. This can include selfie verification, where the image in the document is compared to a selfie taken by the employee. Identity verification at the highest trust level possible. ReadID Ready can be launched within weeks. 

Customer case: Aegon

Learn how Aegon implemented ReadID Ready within 6 weeks, from scratch.

Background: why NFC?

Learn more on how NFC based identity verification works and why it is the way forward.

Customer case: CBR

The Central Bureau for Driven licences in the Netherlands verifies identities a the office before examinations using ReadID.