Digital trust is vital in our modern economy. Citizens expect from governmental agencies the same level of service they see in the private sector: great user experience of service around the clock from their homes. Many services require certainty that the customer is indeed who she states she is. This is usually done in a physical meeting at the office: costly, time consuming, and intrusive.

NFC-based remote identity verification using ReadID replaces physical verification, and drastically lowers cost of verification. It is more secure than physical or optical approaches. ReadID creates the cost-effectiveness combined with the highest levels of security needed in modern government.

ReadID does not require complex hardware, bound to office locations. It works with any smartphone and allows to verify any chipped identity document. No training on security features of identity documents needed. The identity document is verified based on the cryptographic properties of the chip. Simple and secure.

ReadID can be used client-only on trusted devices; in that case, no connectivity is needed. Ideal for mobile identity verification, for example in border control or at events.

Customer case: UK Home Office

Learn how ReadID is used by UK Home Office for EU Settlement Scheme.

Customer case: Dutch Police

Dutch police uses ReadID in their smart phones to prevent identity theft.