Are you looking to secure your online in-game purchasing methods? Or comply to age verification requirements in online gambling? Even in the virtual world of online gaming and gambling, streamlined real-life identity verification is essential. Dedicated players want a quick process, so they can continue their winning streak. The industry wants proper identity verification, to be sure they receive their due money. Through ReadID mobile NFC-first technology, identity verification is quick, secure, and straightforward. Contact ReadID today, to start integrating trusted identity verification.

Leisure activity, serious business

With industry profits up in the billions and seven-figure tournament prizes, gaming has become a mature and serious business. This calls for rigid identity verification measures. Players must be able to safely make in-game purchases, and game studios and online casinos must be sure that those signing up are legitimate. For example, the UK Gambling Commission’s minimum verification requirements for remote licensees are their name, address, and date of birth, before they are allowed to gamble. As per July 2021, online gaming and gambling services in Germany must ensure they have the necessary steps in place to prevent under-aged users from accessing their platforms. 

ReadID provides comprehensive Software Development Kits and APIs, making it easy for your developers to embed the software inconspicuously within your own game’s payment workflow. As colours, shapes, and fonts all match your game’s unique identity, players won’t notice it is third-party software. This bolsters trust, and leads gamers through the process undistracted. 

To complete the verification, all that subscribers need is their passport and a smartphone. What follows is a two-step verification process:  

Firstly, they must scan the two lines of information at the bottom of their passports, the so-called Machine-Readable Zone, using their smartphone camera. This contains the key to the microchip embedded within their passports, which they scan by holding the passport against their smartphone. As this chip cannot be altered, it forms the most secure means of verifying that the document holder actually exists. It even includes a high-res image of the holder.

As an extra, third security measure, you can include a selfie-matching procedure, where selfie biometrics are matched to those of the high-res picture stored on the chip. This gives you the certainty that the rightful document holder is trying to enter your game.


Currently, we can read identity documents from more than 150 countries worldwide, giving your game users access from most game-minded communities. As the EU demands member states to switch to ePassports in the coming years following eIDAS compliance, you can expect coverage increase. Our technology works with over 2600 different smartphone models and is available for both Android and iOS devices.