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Digital trust is vital in our modern economy, where transactions take place digitally, anytime, anywhere. Trust Service Providers create easy and secure access to e-services by providing qualified certificates to users. Onboarding and renewal of customers is an important process, as it requires high levels of certainty that the customer is indeed who she states she is.

This is usually done in a physical meeting at a branch office of a bank or at home through visiting agents: costly, time consuming, and intrusive. 

NFC-based remote identity verification using ReadID replaces physical verification, and drastically lowers cost of onboarding and reverification. It is more secure than physical or optical approaches. ReadID creates the scalability needed for large scale adoption by users that want, think and act “mobile first”. As competition is strong in the TSP market, digitisation and cost reduction are crucial for competitiveness.

Our remote identity verification process was evaluated by certified auditors from TÜV Informationstechnik GmbH (TÜViT) as part of TSP certification of SK Identity Solutions. The process has been rated at least equivalent to physical identification, acquiring the trust level ‘high’ according to eIDAS levels and is certified to the EN 319-401 standard. See the below use case for details.

Conformance to eIDAS high also means that electronic identities are being created that are recognized throughout the European Union. The process is fully automated without a need for human interaction or intervention, and the registration process takes only couple of minutes. To use this biometric identity verification method, the user only needs a valid biometric passport or identity card and a smartphone (iOS or Android).

Easily auditable

ReadID delivers an evidence package for every identity document we verify, automatically generated, crucial for auditability of the TSP and of the transactions. This makes proving compliance much easier than when done through the physical channel. Audit packages are provided to the TSP for archiving.

Customer case SK Identity Solutions

Learn how ReadID created a revolution for SK's Smart-ID service in the Baltics and how it help them automatic auditability.

Customer case Digidentity

Find out how Digidentity was able to scale up from 8000 to 12.000 onboardings a day with ReadID technology.