The COVID-19 pandemic creates distance between people. This hampers many activities requiring personal identification: pensionados requiring an attestation de vita, medical personal wanting to ensure the prescription is sent to the right person, rental contracts not being signed.


For all these case ReadID offers ReadID Ready Now. It is an instantly configurable version of ReadID Ready where we deliver a ReadID Ready app, with your trusted logo in it, to your customers. For this we adapted ReadID Ready so you can use this without requiring any form of system integration, so you can start using this immediately. Non-profit health organizations, non-profit education or non-profits involved in fighting COVID-19 qualify for a free service. For SMEs impacted by COVID-19 we offer ReadID Ready Now for a significantly reduced fee. ReadID Ready Now is our fully functional ReadID Ready app, in the basic version with some pre-configurations.  Other organisations can use ReadID Ready Now for our normal fees.


Using ReadID Ready Now you decide who you want to identify by sending this person a QR code and/or link, for example in an email, via a messaging service or even in an old-fashion letter. Results are delivered securely in your personal portal. 

Although because of the changes we made for this version system integration is no longer needed. Organisations that want to integrate with our ReadID SaaS server can do this, for example, to integrate ReadID Ready in an online application process. For the qualifying organizations (non-for-proftis and SMEs) we provide four hours of free support for this.


  • ReadID Ready Now allows you to verify identity documents remotely, creating trust without requiring the travelling and physical contacts that we all need to avoid currently.
  • It uses the NFC chip in identity documents, making it much more secure than alternative solutions based on users taking a photo from their identity document.
  • It works with most passport and many identity/residence cards.
  • We set up ReadID Ready Now within a day, allowing you to start using it very quickly.
  • It comes with a concise manual and explanation pages for users.
  • We brand it with your logo to create trust.
  • It works with all common smartphones with NFC (iPhone 7 and up, by far most Android phones)
  • It is secure and privacy-friendly. We remove all personal information from our server automatically.
  • ReadID Ready Now will remain available at least until August 1st 2020. After that, migration to ReadID Ready is possible without transition cost.

ReadID Ready Now is available for

  • free for non-profit health organizations,
  • non-profit education or non-profits involved in fighting COVID-19, e.g., local communities vetting helpers. 
  • Non-qualifying small organizations (<25 employees) impacted by COVID-19 can also use ReadID Ready Now at reduced costs (€100,- one-time fee and €1,- per identification after the first 100).
  • Other organizations can also benefit from COVID-19 version of ReadID Ready, and especially that there is no system integration needed, contact us for pricing.

Get in contact and check if you qualify or how we may help you in these complex times. 

Apply for ReadID Ready Now

Please fill out the form. ReadID will quickly review your application to determine if you qualify. We will contact you to get started with ReadID Ready Now.

Please be aware

  • Since ReadID Ready handles privacy-sensitive personal information, we'll need to have a Data Processing Agreement, and a SaaS Agreement. 
  • For now, we plan to provide ReadID Ready Now till 1 August 2020. We'll decide to extend or not in due time.
  • Normal ReadID Ready has an optional facial matching functionality, this is unfortunately not available for ReadID Ready Now.
  • We cannot really predict how popular ReadID Ready Now will become and/or we have to adapt how we provide this version, please bear with us should this happen.


ReadID Ready Now for Users

We have special pages for your ReadID Ready users, where we explain how to install and use the app. These explanation pages are available in different languages, matching the needs of the user.