ReadID® Client-only allows to verify identity documents in a secure and user-friendly manner on a smartphone with NFC. ReadID® is provided as configurable software that you can integrate into your own app, the form of a SDK (Software Development Kit). ReadID® Client-only runs on the smartphone without a server and without the need for internet connectivity. Since the verification is done on the smartphone, this needs to be a trusted device under control of the customer. If this is not the case, then ReadID SaaS or ReadID Ready may be more suitable.

  • ReadID Client-Only is integrated in your app, following your look&feel. It is ReadID inside.
  • It is secure and user-friendly, much more than optical scanning of identity documents.
  • Empowers users to actually determine of an identity document is authentic or not, with minimal training.
  • All you need is a smartphone with NFC capabilities, which are by far most phones.
  • We are an ISO 27001 certified organisation. We care about security.
  • We do not get access to any personal information.
  • No network connection needed to work.
  • Pricing includes updates and is typically per device.

ReadID Client only is mostly used in face-to-face use cases, in which an employee of our customer verifies an identity document of someone else. Typical use cases are police forces, border control, municipalities, public transport or examination agencies. 

Customer case: Dutch Police

Learn how 35.000 police officers use ReadID in their smartphone to increase efficiency and fight identity fraud.

Download our product overview

Summarises ReadID Client Only, its characteristics and the way it works in a handy leaflet you can share with colleagues.