ReadID® Ready is a ready-to-use identity verification app suitable for online use cases. ReadID Ready can be linked to your processes and website, using your branding, without having to implement your own app. The ReadID Ready app communicates with our SaaS server to do the verification, making it suitable for self-service in which users have the ReadID Ready app on their own (and thus untrusted) phone. ReadID Ready can be combined with facial matching for identity verification.

ReadID Ready has three branding options: basic (no customer branding), branded (mixed ReadID and customer branding) and enterprise (fully white-label, i.e., the user only sees the customer branding).

In the typical flow a user will install the ReadID Ready app and then scan a QR code on the customer website, similar to how authentication or payments apps often work.  Also, printed QR codes in, for example, a letter to a customer can be used. Other flows can be from a mobile website to the app or from app to app. 

In the branded version the app will get your logo and your styling after the QR code is scanned, creating trust for your customers. In the enterprise version the ReadID Ready app will be fully white-label, and your customers will download ReadID Ready from your account on the App Store and Play Store.

  • ReadID Ready is easy and quick to set up. No app development skills needed. 
  • It is reliable and user-friendly, much more than optical scanning of identity documents.
  • Volume-based pricing and a small fixed monthly fee.
  • ReadID Ready can be integrated into your system through a back-end REST API.
  • We host ReadID Ready in a highly secure public cloud. Secure and highly scalable.
  • We are ISO 27001 certified and are committed to security and privacy.
  • Orchestration with facial matching for holder verification is possible.

ReadID Ready can be considered a version of ReadID SaaS but with a ready-to-use app contrary to having ReadID SDK to integrate. ReadID Ready is therefore best suited for organisations that do not have an own app to integrate the SDK in and/or want to go production quickly with minimal integration investments. Example uses cases are online self-service cases such as re-verification for AML compliance, on-line registration before car rental and proving right-to-work in HR.

Download our product overview

Summarises ReadID Ready, its characteristics and the way it works in a handy leaflet you can share with colleagues.

ReadID Ready help for users

We have special pages for your ReadID Ready users, where we explain how to install and use the app. These explanation pages are available in different languages, matching the needs of the user.

Drop us a note to schedule and demonstration and see for yourselves how easy it is to get ReadID Ready up and running. Seeing is believing. 

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