Verifying someone’s identity is essential to prevent identity fraud and to enable trustworthy digital services. ReadID allows you to verify identities in a smart and simple way using our new mobile identity verification technology. ReadID leverages what people already have: government-issued identity documents with contactless chips and NFC-capable smartphones. 

ReadID comes in three different versions: ReadID SaaS, ReadID Client Only and ReadID Ready.

ReadID SaaS

For the SaaS version the client-side runs as a SDK in the app of our customer, sending the information the SDK read from the chip to the server side, where it is verified. The server side is hosted by InnoValor in a public cloud. ReadID SaaS is the scalable and secure solution for larger volumes, suitable for online use cases. Can be combined with face matching, leveraging the high-resolution face image from the chip.

ReadID Client Only

In the client-only version, ReadID runs on the smartphone only, without a server. The verification is thus done on the smartphone, and therefore can only be used for trusted devices. Typical uses cases are border control, police forces or public transport. Allows verification of identity documents with very limited training and reading personal information very quickly without any typing or OCR mistakes.

ReadID Ready

ReadID Ready is a ready-to-use identity verification app suitable for online use cases. ReadID Ready is a version of ReadID SaaS but with a configurable app, ready for use. Get up and running in few days instead of weeks. Comes in a basic version, branded or enterprise edition.