Enrich or expand your product offering with ReadID, the leader in NFC based mobile identity verification. We look for partners that have strong market and customer knowledge, where geographical and/or industry focus does have its merits - especially Finance, eGovernment, Platform economy, Rental, Travel, Police & Border control.

ReadID partners have the option to:

  1. embed the ReadID SDK into their app or SDK, or
  2. use the turn-key white label solution, called ReadID Ready, that is available in different branding options.

In the end, our partners are able to generate serious added value with their complete customer offering.

Contact us, if you are interested to become a ReadID partner. Check out our contact form below.

Buy ReadID via a ReadID partner

If you are an end customer and you have requirements that go beyond the default ReadID offering, then working with one of the ReadID partners could be a very effective solution. We have a growing eco system consisting of many partners who all have different capabilities and solution sets available to support you.

If you are interested how they might help you, then please complete the contact form below and we will determine how our partners could help you achieving your objectives.

If you have any related questions, please contact Janick Nijenhuis, Partner Manager ReadID at janick.nijenhuis@innovalor.nl 



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Our software solution is used in different sectors to create a full digital onboarding. Making online identification verification easier, quicker and more secure.

Please provide information on your company and how you would like to be involved as a potential partner of ReadID.



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