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Remote identity verification


The COVID-19 pandemic creates distance between people. This hampers many activities requiring personal identification: pensionados requiring an attestation de vita, medical personal wanting to ensure the prescription is sent to the right person, rental contracts not being signed.

For all these cases ReadID offers ReadID Ready Now. It is an instantly configurable version of ReadID Ready where we deliver:


  • ReadID Ready app to your customers
  • The app has your trusted logo in it
  • Use ReadID Ready without requiring any form of system integration
  • Start using this immediately


Non-profit health organizations, non-profit education or non-profits involved in fighting COVID-19 qualify for a free service.


For SMEs impacted by COVID-19 we offer ReadID Ready Now for a significantly reduced fee. ReadID Ready Now is our fully functional ReadID Ready app, in the basic version with some pre-configurations. Other organisations can use ReadID Ready Now for our normal fees.

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