Figure out how ReadID is used by our customers in banking, trust service providers and governments.

UK Home Office

Government - The EU Settlement Scheme: the world’s largest, most successful digital on-boarding immigration programme using remote identity verification, made possible by ePassport NFC chip reading using ReadID.

SK ID Solutions

Trust Service Provider - Smart-ID has millions of onboardings in a year and a lot of these required office visits due to legal compliance requirements. Smart-ID is evaluated as “high” Level of Assurance identity scheme and includes also qualified certificates for signatures.


Banking - The need to improve the speed, user-friendliness and quality of the onboarding process was evident. In addition, Rabobank also wanted an alternative for derived identification. In collaboration with ReadID, the expansion of the existing Rabo Mobile Identify app was initiated.


Digidentity is a global online identity verification company, combining smooth usability with government-grade security. It makes online identification easier, quicker, and more secure. They enable safe digital communication between individuals and the government. During COVID, Digidentity was able to scale up to 120.000 digital onboardings a day thanks to NFC"


Preventing identity fraud. The organisation CBR, the central driver’s license office in the Netherlands, ensures that everyone can get on the road safely. They conduct traffic exams for theory and practice and they test whether a driver is mentally and physically capable to drive.