Aug 28, 2016

Not only passports and identity cards have a contactless chip that can be used to read personal information and verify the authenticity. In some countries also driving licences have such a chip. We have added support for electronic driving licences in ReadID. The screenshots below show what this looks like in our demo app.

The chip in electronic driving licences is based on the ISO/IEC 18013 specification ISO-compliant driving licence. ISO 18013 resembles the ICAO 9303 chip found in passports and identity cards, but is different. For the EU there is a Directive 2006/126/EEC that builds upon ISO 18013. The chip is optional, also in the EU directive, and only a few countries actually have them. Our home country the Netherlands is among them (since end of 2014). As far as we are aware only Croatia, France and Ireland also have them (please let us know if there are new countries). France made the somewhat remarkable decision to stop issuing electronic driving licences with chips, and go back to driving licences without them. The practical use of our new ReadID feature to read and verify electronic driving licences is therefore limited to a few countries, and we currently only support Dutch electronic driving licences.

Please do contact us if you would like to apply ReadID for electronic driving licences or if you would like us to add support for electronic driving licences of other countries.