Feb 1, 2016

As was made public at the end of 2015 (e.g., here), the Dutch police is innovating identity verification in the street by using their smartphones. 10.000 Dutch police officers (Oct 2015, will increase to 33.000) use Android smartphones, a Samsung S5 to be precise, and use the NFC and camera capabilities to verify authenticity of passport, ID cards and driver's licenses. The benefits include the ability to detect fake ID documents without training, input personal data without manually entering personal information, no typing mistakes and easy access to police databases, e.g., on warrants or stolen ID documents. In addition, the high-resolution color photo in the chip makes it easier to prevent look-a-like fraud compared to the photo printed on the document.

InnoValor is proud that our ReadID software is at the core of this innovation. ReadID makes it possible to use the NFC capability of the smartphone to read and verify the authenticity of the personal information embedded in the chip of passports and similar ID documents. We have worked with the Dutch police to improve the Optical Character Recognition capabilities of ReadID, to make it better suitable for scanning the so-called Machine Readable Zone of passports and ID cards in the sometimes difficult real-world circumstance police officers have to operate. The information in the Machine Readable Zone is needed to gain access to the contactless chip in ID documents and can also be used to search the police databases.