Jun 4, 2018

InnoValor is presenting its mobile identity verification solution ReadID at Money 20/20 Europe, a major FinTech event taking place for the first time in Amsterdam (4-6 June 2018, stand J65). InnoValor - ReadID has a stand and our CEO Maarten Wegdam is presenting on how NFC is used to implement the next-generation of mobile onboarding for banks.

Most passports, and increasingly also identity cards and comparable identity documents, have contactless RFID chip. These chips contain personal attributes, such as name and date of birth, as well as a high-resolution face image. The issuing country digitally signs these attributes. ReadID reads this chip and verifies the authenticity of the chip and the information stored on it. All EU passport, as well as many others, have these chips. Recently, the European Commission announced that RFID chips will become mandatory for all EU identity cards.

As our CEO is presenting, ReadID makes it possible to combine security and user convenience when implementing a fully digital and straight-through-processing process for mobile onboarding. In the presentation we demonstrate how we integrated ReadID with iProov’s facial recognition solution, and the lessons learned from deploying ReadID for mobile onboarding with a.o.. IDmee/DNB, Rabobank and ING. IDmee is a company set up by the largest Norwegian bank DNB, to identify consumers digitally, and is also present at Money 20/20 Europe. Please contact readid@innovalor.nl for a copy of the presentation, or view it here https://youtu.be/3ViX4EoE6qk.