Jun 4, 2019


Today we're announcing a major step: ReadID will be available on iPhones! A small step for Apple, a major step for us and identity verification in general.

Apple announced at their developer conference WWDC that in iOS 13 it will be possible to read ePassports and chipped identity cards. ReadID is already available on Android for quite some years. This announcement means that ReadID will also work on iPhones, using the embedded internal NFC capability. Needless to say we are very excited about this. We’re convinced this will have a major impact on the online use cases such as mobile onboarding for banks, especially for countries with a high iPhone penetration. ReadID will replace older identity document verification technologies, for example OCR-based technologies, and will enable migration from face2face identity verification to online identity verification.

That this is happening now was not a surprise to us since the UK Home Secretary announced a few months ago that the EU Exit App would be available on iOS by the end of 2019: a clear signal that things were about to change. ReadID is the chip checker in this app, which is part of the EU Settlement Scheme. InnoValor has been working on adding iOS support to ReadID for about two years, but we had to use external NFC readers until now (see this earlier blog post).

ReadID NFC is now available as beta on iOS for both the client-only and the SaaS version. ReadID MRZ, for scanning the Machine Readable Zone using OCR, was already available on iOS. See here for a screen recording of ReadID on iOS.

Timelines iOS 13

We expect the below timelines till the full release

  • June 2019: developer beta iOS 13 – this is now available for paid developers only.
  • July-August 2019: public beta iOS 13 – anyone can get access to the iOS 13 beta, exact timing depends on Apple.
  • Early September: iOS 13 in production replacing iOS 12.

ReadID demo app on iOS

While iOS 13 is in beta, we cannot put a demo app in the App Store. Instead we provide it via TestFlight as a so-called closed beta. Existing customers/partners that would like to get access can contact our support. Please provide names plus email addresses for those that would like access. If you’re not a customer/partner, please contact sales via readid@innovalor.nl.

Supported iOS devices

Not everything is clear and certain at the time of writing. While in beta things can of course change. Not all iPhones have the required NFC hardware to use ReadID: especially iPads and older iPhones (before iPhone 7) will, unfortunately, still need to use an external NFC reader.

ReadID SDK for iOS

At this stage we are selectively giving access to the ReadID SDK for iOS to our existing customers and partners. Please contact support, if you’re in this category. If you are currently not a customer, please contact sales via readid@innovalor.nl to start a dialogue on getting access to ReadID SDK. As long as iOS 13 is in beta, we are labelling ReadID SDK on iOS also as beta.

As we expect a lot of interest in ReadID on iOS, we kindly ask for your understanding if we cannot immediately provide you access to our SDK, especially while it is in beta. We want to make sure we can properly support all customers and partners.

More questions?

We’ll put more information on our webpage over the next weeks. And please do subscribe to our newsletter to be informed about the latest ReadID and iOS developments.

Press release

We also have a press release on ReadID for iOS, see here.