Apr 1, 2019

We’re introducing a new version of ReadID: ReadID Ready. ReadID Ready is a ready-to-use white-label identity verification app that uses the ReadID SaaS server for identity document verification. ReadID Ready can be linked to your processes, using your branding, without having to implement your own app.

The ReadID Ready app communicates with our SaaS server, thus the verification is done server side. It is therefore suitable, and aimed at, online use cases in which the mobile phone is not trusted, such as mobile onboarding.

Since ReadID Ready uses ReadID SaaS as a backend, the ‘normal’ server-side interfaces of ReadID SaaS are available to get access to the read/verified information from the chips in the identity documents (REST, signed pdf etc). Integrating ReadID Ready into your systems can be done with only a few hours of development work. It can also be used to do a proof-of-concept, demo or pilot with ReadID, even if ultimately you'd like to integrate the ReadID SDKs in your own app.

ReadID Ready has different branding options: basic (no customer branding), branded (mixed ReadID and customer branding) and enterprise (fully white-label, i.e., the user sees only the customer branding and nowhere ReadID).

In the typical flow a user will install the ReadID Ready app and then scan a QR code on the customer website, similar to how authentication or payments apps often work. See also the photo below. But we implemented other flows as well (mobile website to app, app to app, printed QR codes).

ReadID Ready has been piloted with several customers over the last half year, and we’re now in the final stage of productizing it. Starting May 2019 it will be available for all customers. Click here for a product flyer with more details. Contact us if you’d like more information.