In identification verification, proof of security is increasingly more important. Distinguishing between disrupting yet mature technologies, such as ReadID, and immature new technologies that can introduce important risks in vital processes is not that easy. As both customers and users of ReadID trust InnoValor with very security and privacy sensitive information, InnoValor has the responsibility to not only be secure, but also to prove that they are secure. InnoValor has extended its baseline ISO27001 security with three additional certifications: ISO/IEC 27701 for Privacy Management, eIDAS module for Qualified Trust Service Providers (digital signatures), and eIDAS electronic identification at assurance level High. This creates tremendous value to every organisation that needs trusted identity verification.

In this webinar, recorded April 22, 2021, we discuss what certification means to the industry: how can it simplify the implementation of identity verification and how audit responsibilities change under certification. Our guest Clemens Wanko from TÜV TRUST IT explains what the eIDAS module certifications are and what they prove. Bob Hulsebosch, compliance officer of InnoValor, illustrates the value certification brings to InnoValor and to the users of ReadID. 

World-First Security Certification Package

InnoValor is the first and the only technology provider in the identity document verification industry with a certified automated solution for qualified digital signatures and eID High. All certifications have been assessed by the well-known and accredited German/Austrian auditor TÜV.

Identity Proofing is taking the NFC route

NFC based identity verification is the most important trend to into account your identity proofing strategy.

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