A benefit of NFC-based identity verification is conversion. Our guest speaker from WorldReach Software will discuss how they’re using ReadID in UK’s EU Settlement Program and other use cases, and how they reach a high conversion.

Thursday, October 22nd, 3:00 PM - 3:45 PM CEST


02-09 Webinar SPEED

The speed of implementation and deployment of ReadID identity verification software. Showing the great use case of Aegon. With our turn-key app ReadID Ready, we realise high-speed implementation.

25-06 Webinar Trust Service Providers

The role of trust and Trust Service Providers. In this webinar, we discuss how an NFC First approach improves trust with an optimal user experience and limited cost. Featuring SK ID Solutions and Digidentity.

28-05 Webinar Why NFC First?

Lessons learned in banking, featuring Rabobank. A talk about NFC First in banking with Evelien Mooij from Rabobank and Maarten Wegdam, CEO of ReadID. They will comment in more detail why NFC First is the way forward. Wil Janssen is the host of this webinar.

In normal times, this would be the start of the event season, where we could meet, talk and discuss different developments in mobile onboarding, NFC based identity verification and so on. But things are different and we really miss those conversations with you. Therefore, we are launching a series of ReadID Webinars.

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