Customers are more demanding than ever. They accept no less than real-time digital services, around the clock. If an organisation cannot deliver fast enough or creates, in the eye of the customer, unnecessary hurdles in the process of becoming a customer, a digital competitor is virtually around every corner.

Our NFC First approach to instant mobile onboarding can be done with a phone and your identity document. Safe, secure and fast. The same NFC capability in mobile phones that enables payment, also enables mobile identity verification. NFC can be used to create of smooth customer experience with a high level of trust at a lower cost.

Reading the chip digitally allows to verify the validity of the identity document and read the customer information without the risk of any OCR or typing mistake – an important first step and sufficient for many processes. In KYC and AML processes more is needed. Our movie demonstrates how banks can benefit from NFC-based identity verification and why leading banks chose ReadID. In the following we have summarized the main reasons:

  • Proven technology and experience with many live customer’ use cases
  • Unique UX including dynamic animations to guide users through app flow
  • High conversion rates for iOS and Android
  • Maximum fraud prevention by server-based digital signature verification and cloning detection of the chip
  • Global ICAO based document coverage and country certificates available for: passports, ID cards, residence permits (and Dutch drivers licenses)
  • Benefit from analysis of millions already processed documents
  • EU based, GDPR compliant and ISO 27001 certified

NFC First approach to instant onboarding

We describe how NFC can lead to an optimale mobile KYC process and what this means for Open Banking.

Read more on our use case Rabobank

Read more and view the full recording of the webinar NFC First. Lessons learned in banking, featuring Evelien Mooij, Product Manager customer onboarding at Rabobank.

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