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ReadID online instant identity verification

   Secure, scalable and instant

ReadID identity verification is being done with an ePassport, ID document or residence permit and smartphones with NFC capabilities. The same NFC chip in mobile phones that enables payment, also enables mobile identity verification. NFC can be used to enable remote verification with a smooth customer experience, with a high level of security at a lower cost. 

The importance of high-quality KYC processes is higher than ever. With NFC-based identity document verification, we help you reduce fraud via cloning detection, it creates the necessary level of trustworthiness at a distance, at affordable cost with no data mistakes. Ready for businesses that move their services to digital.

✓ No training required to detect fraudulent identity documents

✓ Quick and flawless input of the personal information, no data mistakes

✓ High-resolution face image from the chip (look-a-like detection)


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How to use the ReadID solution

In online applications, ReadID can be used as part of an online self-service identity verification process, for example for mobile consumer onboarding for banks. This can be done from home, so there is no need to travel to an office or have someone come to the door. You simply use the consumer's smartphone to read the NFC chip, and integrated ReadID into your app through our SDK. Read more on ReadID SaaS or our ready-to-use identity verification app ReadID Ready

In face-to-face applications, ReadID is used by employees to read and verify the identity document of someone in front of them, for example, a police officer checking someone's identity on the street. Read more on ReadID Client Only

This can be done anywhere, using standard smartphones without expensive and clumsy dedicated hardware. No training required and flawless input of personal information.

To gain access to the chip in your passport, you need to scan the Machine Readable Zone of the passport (or identity card) using the camera of the smartphone. To read the chip in your passport through Near Field Communication (NFC), you simply hold the passport to the back of the smartphone. 

Integrate ReadID into your own application through our SDK and APIs  


With ReadID software we create successful digital onboarding using remote identity verification.