SK Identity Solutions introduced remote identity verification solution based on ReadID in its Smart-ID solution. The remote identity verification process was evaluated by certified auditors from TÜV Informationstechnik GmbH (TÜViT) and was approved by the Estonian Information System Authority.

This is a breakthrough for digital services for many industries. Read more in our press release.

ReadID® verifies identity documents with NFC on a smartphone

Check ID document authenticity within seconds

Read personal information directly from the chip

Integrate ReadID® into your own application through APIs

Watch this movie to see how ReadID works

Step 1 - SCAN

To gain access to the chip in your passport, you need to scan the document using the camera of the smartphone.

Step 2 - READ

To read the chip in your passport through NFC, you simply hold the passport to the back of the smartphone.


In face-to-face applications, ReadID® is used by employees to read and verify the ID document of someone in front of them, for example a police officer checking someones identity on the street. This can be done anywhere, using standard smartphones without expensive and elaborate dedicated hardware. No training required and flawless input of personal information.



 No training required to detect fraudulent ID documents.

✓ A mobile solution without the need for dedicated hardware.

✓ No manual input needed: quick and flawless input of the personal information.

✓ Better look-a-like detection thanks to the high-resolution ID document photo from the chip.


In online applications, ReadID® can be used as part of an online self-service identity verification process, for example for mobile consumer onboarding for banks. This can be done from home, so there is no need to travel to an office or have someone come to the door. You simply use the consumer's smartphone, integrated into your app through the ReadID APIs.



✓ People can verify their ID documents online: any time, any place.

✓ Verify ID documents more securely than through uploading a photo of ID-document alternatives.

✓ No manual checks needed: instant verification and cost efficient.

✓ People leverage smartphones and ID documents they already carry with them.